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RED ALERT! ALL HANDS ON DECK! Campus Concealed Carry, SB11 is stalled in Rep. Todd Hunter’s Calendars Committee with only one week remaining in the session! It has been there since May 18. Open Carry, HB910 has been changed by

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Add Pro-Gun Bills to Special Session Call

As you may know, some minor pro-gun bills passed in Texas, including a helpful law that decriminalizes accidental display of an otherwise lawfully carried firearm. Unfortunately, most significant pro-gun bills failed to pass both houses before the legislative session ended.

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Campus Carry Passes House, Referred to Senate Criminal Justice Committee

Time is running out. HB 972 has passed the Texas House of Representatives and has been referred to the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. HB 972 lost some of its efficacy in committee, however it still protects the rights of licensed

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HB 972 & HB 1076 Pass House, Sent to Senate!


HB 972 (Campus Carry) and HB 1076 (protection from federal Second Amendment infringements) have passed the Texas House of Representatives and have been sent to the Senate. HB 972 was significantly watered down, giving public and private universities the option

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Campus Carry Placed on House Calendar!

Thanks in part to your hard work in calling and emailing the Texas House of Representatives, HB 972 (Campus Carry) has been placed on the House General Calendar for this Saturday, May 4! Other great bills, such as HB 1304

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Free Texan Will Post Gun Rights Scorecard

The last day of the 83rd Texas Legislative Session will be Monday, May 27, 2013. Until that time, we must keep the pressure on for good bills like HB 972 and HB 700 to be passed. When the session ends,

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HB 972 (Campus Carry) Received by House Calendars Committee

HB 972, the Texas concealed carry on campus bill, has been received by the House Calendars Committee. Call and email the committee chairman (see Call These Officials) and ask that this important legislation be scheduled for a vote today!

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Update: Rep. Pickett’s Facebook Page Gone

Rep. Pickett’s Facebook page, which was full of pro-HB 700 comments, has apparently been removed. But he can’t shut down his phone! Get his number from the Call These Officials box on this page.

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Rep. Pickett’s Facebook Page Filled with Pro Open Carry Posts

Representative Joe C. Pickett launched a Facebook page recently. But there is only one issue that people are posting about on his wall: HB 700, the Texas Open Carry bill. Support for the bill appears to be unanimous on Pickett’s

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Panelists at Baylor University Support Campus Carry

What do the McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara and District Attorney Abel Reyna have in common with a former Democrat? According to the Waco Trib, all three support concealed carry on campus (bills HB 972 and SB 182) and Texas

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