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Knife Ban Repeal Passes Senate

Congratulations, Free Texans! HB1935 is on its way to Governor Abbott’s desk. Facing practically no opposition this session, the bill is certain to become law. This bill modernizes and clarifies knife laws in Texas, removing the terms “sword,” “spear,” “dirk,”

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TX House Goes Full “Smackdown”

Things got out of hand yesterday at the Texas House of Representatives. The final day of the 85th legislative session was disrupted by an organized mob of self-described illegal aliens who were protesting the ban on santuary cities. After losing

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Comin’ Up Snake-eyes?

Constitutional Carry in Texas is dead for another two years. Even worse, other good gun bills such as HB560, the “carry everywhere” bill, died in committee. None of these bills were voted down in the traditional sense, by the overwhelmingly

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Editorial: Is Campus Carry a “Right”?

Gun owners love to talk about “rights.” Rights are so essential to our politics that we frame every issue in terms of the same, without even realizing that other formulations are possible. Is there any American political issue that doesn’t

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Campus Carry Passes House and Senate

Campus Carry is going to Governor Abbott for his signature! It’s been a long, hard battle to get free victim zones (so-called “gun free zones”) removed from campus. While this bill is a huge step in the right direction, there

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Open Carry Passed in Both Houses!

We did it! For the first time in Texas history, Texans will have the legal right to openly carry a holstered centerfire handgun. Less than a week from the deadline, the conference committee met immediately after conferees were assigned and

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Procedural Abuse Endangers Open Carry

Update: This post was made when passage of HB 910 was looking unlikely. While we support the bill as passed, the fact is that the law enforcement lobby convinced the named representatives to remove a part of the bill at

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Open Carry Concurrence vote at 2:30 Today

Call your reps! The anti-gunners certainly are. See the “Call these Officials” to find your representative.

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Campus Carry Dead?

SB11 was amended and significantly watered down in the second reading last night, just before the midnight deadline. As with previous bills, this one now has a provision that would allow universities to designate “gun free” zones. This could actually

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Open Carry Passes Senate, Campus Carry Vote Today!

You did it. HB910, licensed open carry, has passed its final major vote before heading to Governor Abbott’s desk, thought a (hopefully) uneventful concurrence vote will take place first in the House. Please call Rep. Phillips, Senator Estes, Senator Huffines,

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Call These Officials
  • Governor Greg Abbott
  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
  • Speaker Joe Straus
  • Sen. John Whitmire (Chair, Senate Criminal Justice Cmte.)
  • Rep. Phil King (Chair, Homeland Security / Public Safety Cmte.)
Find your State Representative and Senator