Campus Carry Placed on House Calendar!

Thanks in part to your hard work in calling and emailing the Texas House of Representatives, HB 972 (Campus Carry) has been placed on the House General Calendar for this Saturday, May 4!

Other great bills, such as HB 1304 (legal protection for “printing” or unintentional display of a lawfully concealed weapon), are on the calendar for the same day.

Unfortunately, HB 700 passed out of committee with much of its reforms watered down. However, there is a plan in place to amend it back to the way it was originally written.

We still have work to do:

  1. Call your representatives today and ask them to vote for HB 972, and all amendments that restore the bill to its original form.
  2. Call Speaker Joe Straus and express your support for HB 972 in its original form.
  3. Tell both to support HB 1304 as well.

Contact information for Speaker Straus can be found in the Call These Officials box. Contact information for your Representative can be found here.

Keep it up, Texas!


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  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
  • Speaker Joe Straus
  • Sen. John Whitmire (Chair, Senate Criminal Justice Cmte.)
  • Rep. Phil King (Chair, Homeland Security / Public Safety Cmte.)
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