Add Pro-Gun Bills to Special Session Call

As you may know, some minor pro-gun bills passed in Texas, including a helpful law that decriminalizes accidental display of an otherwise lawfully carried firearm.

Unfortunately, most significant pro-gun bills failed to pass both houses before the legislative session ended. Neither HB 972, SB 182 (campus carry), nor HB 700 (open carry) passed both chambers. This way mainly due to obstinate committee chairman who refused to allow the bills to be voted on in time.

But there is still another way to win! Governor Perry has called a 30-day special legislative session. All legislation for the special session must be refiled, so new bills numbers will be assigned. Also, only legislation topics in the initial call can be voted on, so it’s critical to get these items added to Gov. Perry’s agenda.

Interestingly, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has written to Gov. Perry asking that he add Campus Carry to the call. Look for this to play a role in Gov. Dewhurst’s reelection campaign next year.

Call Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, and Speaker Straus today, and express your desire to see the following added to the call for the special legislative session:

  • Open Carry – remove the “concealed” requirement from Texas CHL law
  • Campus Personal Protection – allow CHL holders to carry on college campuses with no opt-out provision
  • Carry Everywhere – abolish gun-free zones (TX Penal Code 46.02 and 46.03) for CHL holders. Note: This is particularly relevant, because 26 Texas Senators just voted to put themselves in an elite “carry anywhere” class, including John Whitmire, Chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, who refused to bring SB 182 (Sen. Birdwell’s Campus Carry bill) for an up or down vote in committee.

See Call These Officials to the right for contact info. Time is short, act quickly!


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Call These Officials
  • Governor Greg Abbott
  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
  • Speaker Joe Straus
  • Sen. John Whitmire (Chair, Senate Criminal Justice Cmte.)
  • Rep. Phil King (Chair, Homeland Security / Public Safety Cmte.)
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