Campus Carry Dead?

SB11 was amended and significantly watered down in the second reading last night, just before the midnight deadline. As with previous bills, this one now has a provision that would allow universities to designate “gun free” zones.

This could actually a step backward from where we stand now, where at least concealed carry is legal in parking garages and on campus grounds. In any case, the bill is up for the third reading today in the House. If it passes in any form, it will still need to go back to the Senate for a concurrence vote.

It is theoretically possible that the amendments could be stripped upon today’s third reading or in a conference committee with the Senate. That is the last hope for campus carry this session.

How did this happen, you may ask? Keep in mind that there were plenty of days this session where this bill sat in the Homeland Security and Calendars Committee. Frankly, the House Republican leadership did not make, nor has it ever made, campus carry a priority, as the Texas GOP platform directed.

We collectively urge the legislature to pass “constitutional carry” legislation, whereby law-abiding citizens that possess firearms can legally exercise their God-given right to carry that firearm as well. Until such time, we urge the state to re-introduce and pass legislation easing current restrictions on firearms such as open carry and campus carry.

The House and Senate leadership both know about the various deadlines for bills imposed by the Texas Constitution. However, most voters are unaware of these deadlines, and the leadership takes advantage of this ignorance to kill bills that rock the boat. To keep this from happening in the future, two changes are needed:

  1. A new Speaker of the House. Rep. Joe Straus needs to go.
  2. Gun rights supporters need to become more aware of House and Senate deadlines, and we need to reference this knowledge when we call our reps. We will be posting links to this information on our Info page.

Open Carry Concurrence Vote

HB910 became eligible for a concurrence vote yesterday at 2:40PM. However, it does not appear on the Supplemental House Calendar as of this writing. Updates will be forthcoming.

Knife Ban Repeal in Jeopardy

HB3884, the repeal of the outdated ban on long-blade or double-edged knives, was recommended for the Senate Local and Uncontested Calendar, yet it inexplicably has not appeared. It must be brought for a vote today in the Senate or the bill dies.

CALL NOW and ask Chairman John Whitmire to request a floor vote on HB 3884 ASAP! Phone: 512-463-0115

Knife Ban Preemption Passed by Senate

HB905, the Knife Ban Preemption, should now be on it’s way to the Governor’s desk. This would prevent counties and municipalities from banning possession of knives that are not already banned by state law.

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  • Rep. Phil King (Chair, Homeland Security / Public Safety Cmte.)
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