Campus Carry Passes House and Senate

Campus Carry is going to Governor Abbott for his signature!


It’s been a long, hard battle to get free victim zones (so-called “gun free zones”) removed from campus. While this bill is a huge step in the right direction, there is more work to be done next session.

  • Further restrict or remove universities’ ability to establish free victim zones. In the bill as passed, if a college sets a free victim zone on campus, violating that rule becomes a criminal offense. Why should colleges have the right to legislate criminal law in our state?
  • Remove private university exemption from campus carry. Being a private university doesn’t get Baylor or Southern Methodist University around Title IX. Why should it get them around Texas criminal law?
  • Define “intoxicated” for purposes of prohibiting the carrying of weapons. While no one wants a drunk carrying a gun, the current statute is poorly defined, as there is no definition of “intoxicated” for purposes of this section. As written, the statute could be used to arrest a licensed person carrying his gun while under the influence of Benadryl.
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  • Governor Greg Abbott
  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
  • Speaker Joe Straus
  • Sen. John Whitmire (Chair, Senate Criminal Justice Cmte.)
  • Rep. Phil King (Chair, Homeland Security / Public Safety Cmte.)
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