Panelists at Baylor University Support Campus Carry

What do the McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara and District Attorney Abel Reyna have in common with a former Democrat?

According to the Waco Trib, all three support concealed carry on campus (bills HB 972 and SB 182) and Texas Open Carry HB 700.

Reyna, the son of a former judge and district attorney, said his pro-gun-rights views were formed by personal experiences with gun violence and threats against his family. People who oppose campus carry laws might feel differently if they personally experienced gun violence, he said.

“I’d be interested to know where the professor who was against (campus carry) or the students who are against it are going to run and hide when somebody comes in there, guns a-blazing, into that classroom,” Reyna said. “I’m pretty much assured they’re going to look to that one or two — or hopefully more than that — people in that classroom that are armed.”

Reyna said his office has “cabinets full” of pictures and videos of victims unable to defend themselves from attackers. The cases might have ended differently if the victims had been armed, he said.

“If deer could shoot back, there’d be a lot less hunting,” he said. “Right now, if you sit unarmed, in my opinion, you are the deer because there are people out there who will prey on you.”

There are now only about 30 days remaining to pass these bills. This legislation, despite having widespread support with the public, legislators, and law enforcement officials such as McNamara and Reyna, is in danger of dying in committee or not being scheduled for a vote in time. See our Action Items to find out who you can contact! It only takes a minute of your time to make a phone call, and the effect is enormous.

If this legislation passes, will you be able to say you helped?

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