Status of Our Bills

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2017 Bills

HB560: Licensed “Carry Anywhere”

Description: Relating to the places where a person may carry a handgun if the person is licensed to carry a handgun and to certain related criminal offenses.

Status: Referred to Homeland Security & Public Safety (H) on 2017-02-20

HB1911: Constitutional Carry

Description: Relating to granting authority to carry a firearm to certain unlicensed persons and to related regulatory provisions and criminal offenses.

Status: Committee report sent to Calendars (H) on 2017-04-26

HB447: Civil Liability for Gun Free Zones

Description: Relating to the civil liability of certain businesses in connection with allowing or forbidding handguns on the business premises.

Status: Left pending in committee (H) on 2017-03-28

HB1935: Repeal Knife Restrictions

Description: Relating to the carrying of certain knives; creating a criminal offense.

Status: Effective on 9/1/17 () on 2017-06-15

SJR30: ‘No Registry’ Amendment

Description: Proposing a constitutional amendment prohibiting this state or a political subdivision of this state from adopting or enforcing a law, ordinance, order, or other regulation requiring the registration of a firearm.

Status: Referred to State Affairs (S) on 2017-01-30

HB982: Firefighter / EMT Carry on Duty

Description: Relating to the carrying of a handgun by a first responder engaged in the actual discharge of the first responder’s duties.

Status: Referred to Homeland Security & Public Safety (H) on 2017-02-27

2015 Bills

SB17: Campus Carry (Senate)

This is now Texas law.

HB910: Licensed Open Carry (House)

This is now Texas law.

HB3884: Repeal of Ban on Certain Knives (House)

This bill died in committee, supposedly the casualty of an intra-party fight between Democrats.

HB905: Preempt Cities from Banning Knives (House)

This is now Texas law.

2013 Bills

HB972: Campus Carry (House)

The bill passed from the House– though in a limited and watered-down form– but did not clear the Senate.

SB182: Campus Carry (Senate)

The bill never made it out of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, which is chaired by Sen. John Whitmire, who did not bring the bill for an up or down vote in committee. Sen. Whitmire later attempted to vote himself and other legislators into a new elite class of people that can “carry anywhere.”

HB1076: Nullification of Federal Second Amendment Abuses (House)

The bill has passed the House but did not clear the Senate.

HB700: Open Carry (House)

The bill is never cleared the House Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee. *Unfortunately, Rep. Joe C. Pickett, Chairman of that committee, refused to allow this bill to come up for a full committee vote. When Rep. Pickett’s Facebook page was filled with pro-HB 700 comments, he abruptly deleted it!

Bear in mind that the bill was sent to this committee by Speaker Joe Straus, and Straus appointed Pickett as chairman, making Straus equally responsible for this bill’s failure. Remember this for the 2015 Legislative Session!

HB3143: Ban on Private Sales at Gun Shows (House) – Opposed

This awful bill died in the House, thankfully.

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  • Sen. John Whitmire (Chair, Senate Criminal Justice Cmte.)
  • Rep. Phil King (Chair, Homeland Security / Public Safety Cmte.)
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