Time is running out!

Time is running out!

Campus Concealed Carry, SB11 is stalled in Rep. Todd Hunter’s Calendars Committee with only one week remaining in the session! It has been there since May 18.

Open Carry, HB910 has been changed by the Senate, and the new version is scheduled for a floor vote today. As you may know, the Senate State Affairs committee stripped the anti-”stop and frisk” provision from HB910, but it is still a solid open carry bill. Because the amendment was stripped, HB910 has to be voted on again by the House with only one week remaining in the session.

It is do or die time NOW for Open Carry and Campus Carry, and your help is needed!

Action Items

  1. Call Representative Todd Hunter at (512) 463-0672 and politely urge him to schedule SB11 for a vote!
  2. Call Speaker Joe Straus at (512) 463-1000 and politely urge him to press for a vote on SB11, and to push for a full vote on the new version of HB910 as soon as it is received from the Senate!
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Add Pro-Gun Bills to Special Session Call

As you may know, some minor pro-gun bills passed in Texas, including a helpful law that decriminalizes accidental display of an otherwise lawfully carried firearm.

Unfortunately, most significant pro-gun bills failed to pass both houses before the legislative session ended. Neither HB 972, SB 182 (campus carry), nor HB 700 (open carry) passed both chambers. This way mainly due to obstinate committee chairman who refused to allow the bills to be voted on in time.

But there is still another way to win! Governor Perry has called a 30-day special legislative session. All legislation for the special session must be refiled, so new bills numbers will be assigned. Also, only legislation topics in the initial call can be voted on, so it’s critical to get these items added to Gov. Perry’s agenda.

Interestingly, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has written to Gov. Perry asking that he add Campus Carry to the call. Look for this to play a role in Gov. Dewhurst’s reelection campaign next year.

Call Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, and Speaker Straus today, and express your desire to see the following added to the call for the special legislative session:

  • Open Carry – remove the “concealed” requirement from Texas CHL law
  • Campus Personal Protection – allow CHL holders to carry on college campuses with no opt-out provision
  • Carry Everywhere – abolish gun-free zones (TX Penal Code 46.02 and 46.03) for CHL holders. Note: This is particularly relevant, because 26 Texas Senators just voted to put themselves in an elite “carry anywhere” class, including John Whitmire, Chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, who refused to bring SB 182 (Sen. Birdwell’s Campus Carry bill) for an up or down vote in committee.

See Call These Officials to the right for contact info. Time is short, act quickly!


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Campus Carry Passes House, Referred to Senate Criminal Justice Committee

Time is running out.

HB 972 has passed the Texas House of Representatives and has been referred to the Senate Criminal Justice Committee. HB 972 lost some of its efficacy in committee, however it still protects the rights of licensed students to keep their weapons concealed in their locked vehicles while on campus.

Please Call Sen. John Whitmire, Chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, and ask him to bring HB 972 up for a vote immediately!

When you speak with Senator Whitmire or his staff, remember that he is a Democrat. It may help to point out that the bill has an opt-out provision for both public and private universities, so all this bill really does is return control to the universities themselves.

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HB 972 & HB 1076 Pass House, Sent to Senate!


HB 972 (Campus Carry) and HB 1076 (protection from federal Second Amendment infringements) have passed the Texas House of Representatives and have been sent to the Senate.

HB 972 was significantly watered down, giving public and private universities the option to opt out of allowing licensed concealed carry. However, the bill at least protects students who keep concealed weapons locked in their vehicles on campus. This is a good start, and an accomplishment to be proud of.

Once these bills are assigned to a Senate Committee, we will post an update.

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Campus Carry Placed on House Calendar!

Thanks in part to your hard work in calling and emailing the Texas House of Representatives, HB 972 (Campus Carry) has been placed on the House General Calendar for this Saturday, May 4!

Other great bills, such as HB 1304 (legal protection for “printing” or unintentional display of a lawfully concealed weapon), are on the calendar for the same day.

Unfortunately, HB 700 passed out of committee with much of its reforms watered down. However, there is a plan in place to amend it back to the way it was originally written.

We still have work to do:

  1. Call your representatives today and ask them to vote for HB 972, and all amendments that restore the bill to its original form.
  2. Call Speaker Joe Straus and express your support for HB 972 in its original form.
  3. Tell both to support HB 1304 as well.

Contact information for Speaker Straus can be found in the Call These Officials box. Contact information for your Representative can be found here.

Keep it up, Texas!


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Free Texan Will Post Gun Rights Scorecard

The last day of the 83rd Texas Legislative Session will be Monday, May 27, 2013. Until that time, we must keep the pressure on for good bills like HB 972 and HB 700 to be passed.

When the session ends, The Free Texan will create a gun rights scorecard for prominent Texas legislators and give it its own page on this publication. Scores will be issued based on pro-gun rights activity during the 83rd Legislative Session.

In the meantime:

  • Call Rep. Todd Hunter, Chairman of the House Calendars Committee, and urge him to set HB 972 (campus concealed carry) for a vote.
  • Call House Speaker Joe Straus and express your support for passing HB 972 and HB 700 (open carry).
  • Call Rep. Pickett, Chairman of the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee, and ask him to schedule HB 700 for a committee vote.


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HB 972 (Campus Carry) Received by House Calendars Committee

HB 972, the Texas concealed carry on campus bill, has been received by the House Calendars Committee. Call and email the committee chairman (see Call These Officials) and ask that this important legislation be scheduled for a vote today!

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Update: Rep. Pickett’s Facebook Page Gone

Rep. Pickett’s Facebook page, which was full of pro-HB 700 comments, has apparently been removed.

But he can’t shut down his phone! Get his number from the Call These Officials box on this page.

Rep. Pickett's Facebook Page Deleted

Rep. Pickett’s Facebook Page Deleted

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Rep. Pickett’s Facebook Page Filled with Pro Open Carry Posts

Representative Joe C. Pickett launched a Facebook page recently. But there is only one issue that people are posting about on his wall: HB 700, the Texas Open Carry bill.

Support for the bill appears to be unanimous on Pickett’s wall.

Rep. Pickett's Facebook wall is flooded with pro-Open Carry posts.

Rep. Pickett’s Facebook wall is flooded with pro-Open Carry posts.

With less than a month remaining in the 83rd Legislative Session, why is this critical legislation withering in a committee that Rep. Pickett chairs?

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Panelists at Baylor University Support Campus Carry

What do the McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara and District Attorney Abel Reyna have in common with a former Democrat?

According to the Waco Trib, all three support concealed carry on campus (bills HB 972 and SB 182) and Texas Open Carry HB 700.

Reyna, the son of a former judge and district attorney, said his pro-gun-rights views were formed by personal experiences with gun violence and threats against his family. People who oppose campus carry laws might feel differently if they personally experienced gun violence, he said.

“I’d be interested to know where the professor who was against (campus carry) or the students who are against it are going to run and hide when somebody comes in there, guns a-blazing, into that classroom,” Reyna said. “I’m pretty much assured they’re going to look to that one or two — or hopefully more than that — people in that classroom that are armed.”

Reyna said his office has “cabinets full” of pictures and videos of victims unable to defend themselves from attackers. The cases might have ended differently if the victims had been armed, he said.

“If deer could shoot back, there’d be a lot less hunting,” he said. “Right now, if you sit unarmed, in my opinion, you are the deer because there are people out there who will prey on you.”

There are now only about 30 days remaining to pass these bills. This legislation, despite having widespread support with the public, legislators, and law enforcement officials such as McNamara and Reyna, is in danger of dying in committee or not being scheduled for a vote in time. See our Action Items to find out who you can contact! It only takes a minute of your time to make a phone call, and the effect is enormous.

If this legislation passes, will you be able to say you helped?

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  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
  • Speaker Joe Straus
  • Sen. John Whitmire (Chair, Senate Criminal Justice Cmte.)
  • Rep. Phil King (Chair, Homeland Security / Public Safety Cmte.)
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